Women's Eyeglass Chains & Sunglasses Retainer

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Eyeglass Chains Specification:

Eyewear Accessories: Eyewear Retainer & Sunglasses Retainer Strap
Material: Metal
Length: 77cm (including two ends)
Color: Gold/ Silver
Features: Both sides of the high elastic silicone rubber tip firmly entangle the temples, not easy to fall off.
Package Includes:1 x Eyeglass Strap

Eyeglass Strap Holder Features

- High-quality alloy glasses chain, glasses lanyard, this glasses chain is simple and elegant, the entire appearance is very beautiful, they can also be used as accessories for beautiful appearance of the clothes, which will add a lot of charm for you!
- It is suitable for all kinds of glasses and clothes. It can be easily removed from the chest.
- Whether it's sports, travel or party, it is your favorite best partner for glasses. You can use silver-plated coils with rubber clips, easy to install and disassemble, easy to use and high elastic rubber head firmly fixed on both sides of the temples, not easy Fall off.
- You will like the feeling that it feels cool and gentle on your skin. Even if you sweat, it will not irritate or itchy your skin.
- This eyeglasses-neckline keeps your glasses safe on your neck, sunglasses hanging comfortably on your chest, or on top of your head, with some very good packaging. This is a perfect gift for you or your girlfriend.

Women's Eyeglass Chains

Women's Eyeglass Chains

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