Vintage Round Glasses K9203
Vintage Round Glasses K9203

Vintage Round Glasses K9203

Get that old-school studio look in seconds when you slip on these Vintage Round Glasses K9203. The eyeglasses feature rounded, 48-millimeter-wide l...

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Best Vintage Eyeglasses and Retro Sunglasses Online

If you're looking to buy vintage eyeglasses online, you're at the right spot. We are offering a wide selection of cheap vintage glasses. Vintage glasses are one of the top accessory trends this year. They are hip, trendy, stylish and out of the ordinary. Vintage eyeglasses give you smart and sometimes sexy look that's just bound to turn heads. But, there are lot of things to consider when buying vintage glasses frames. You have to find glasses that suit your facial appearance, the type of glasses that reflects your personality, and then there's the shape, the size and the color.

Go for the frame that is opposite from the shape of your face, it will balance the features of your face. The oval-shaped face has balanced proportions, that's why you can wear any frame you like, from glam and tiny little glasses to oversized frames. The square shape face is angular. The best retro glasses for your face shape would be round or oval. They will soften and add contrast to your face. Round face shape comes with soft curves. You should go for rectangular styles, they will make your face slimmer and lengthen it. Finally, the heart-shaped face, it's not always easy to find a frame that suits you, so you should experiment with different frames. Try some retro aviator glasses or cat-eye vintage prescription glasses.

Clear, transparent frames are one of the hottest eyewear trends. They are subtle and fashion forward at the same time. Plastic black frames are always in style. They add the right dose of sophistication. They will make you look a bit nerdy, but still trendy. Brown and red frames are also popular, these are great choices for fashionistas.  And the most wanted pattern is definitely tortoise. Tortoise cat eye and rectangular frames look fresh and classy.

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