Fashion Korean Style Glasses for Men & Women

Eyeglasses are as much a fashion statement as the clothes you wear. Of course many people wear glasses to correct their vision, but in Korea glasses are almost synonymous with fashion. Korean eyeglasses became well known internationally because of their durability and sophisticated designs. Round glasses were always popular in Korea, and now with the geek look being in trend Korean style glasses are adored by both women and men around the globe.

If you want to achieve preppy, hipster or dandy look we are offering a wide selection of Korean glasses frames for you to choose from. If you like Korean glasses you’re at the right spot! Check out our Korean round glasses and pick a perfect pair for yourself. For those of us who can rock the nerdy-chic look, the right pair of glasses can make a great fashion statement. Apart from oval-shaped faces, which can carry off all sorts of spectacle frames, round-framed glasses also suit those with square-shaped faces. The roundness of the frames helps to balance out a strong jaw. Round glasses are easy to styles. They go well with any look. Match the color of your glasses to your outfit. A stark black frame is simple and evergreen, and it’s a statement accessory. Round stainless-steel frames go best with denim as the pairing has a timeless casual vibe, while dark tortoiseshell frames are more businesslike.

For a modern take on the 1970s hippie vibe, opt for round-framed sunglasses with tinted lenses. This chic-looking Korean prescription glasses are high in quality but are also affordable. Round glasses are a great way to add variety to your wardrobe. Their unique shape sets you apart from the crowd. Here on Jupitoo you can choose from different designs and colors that will suit your face and your personal style best.

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