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Kids' Glasses NO13
Kids' Glasses NO13

Kids' Glasses NO13

Frame Size Frame Width: 135 mm Lens Width: 52 mm Bridge: 16 mm Lens Height: 35 mm Temple Length: 132 mm Specifications Ma...

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Soft, Safe & Flexible Glasses Frames for Kids

We are a brand made of creative minds dedicated to bringing you a wide range of flexible glasses and frames for your beloved little ones. What started as a deep concern towards the safety of young ones is now a business catering to kids flexible glasses suited in vogue fashion trends in the market.

At Jupitoo, we believe that just like adult eyewear, frames and glasses for kids must be flexible, fun, and functional. Just because children are younger and have so much to learn yet, that doesn't mean that they don't deserve quality and fashionable eyewear.

We hope that with our creations, you no longer have to worry about building your child's look because we assure you, we only create frames that are equally fab and fun to wear. Some of our top-notched products include toddler prescription glasses fit and tailored to the needs of your little angel's beautiful eyes.

We are very inspired into working on the best unbreakable glasses for kids, of course, not limited to toddler glasses and toddler eyeglasses. Because we are also very much grounded in the health and protection of our children and of our planet, we choose only the best materials in creating our toddler glasses frames. In addition, we know how much style can be much of great importance for you so we are open to working with you in case you want to customize any eyeglasses for toddlers that your child needs.

We are proud to say that we make each and every one of our product with helping hearts. We hope that they will bring you and your child a better way of seeing the world. It is on our website where you can find affordable but very flexible glasses frames for all children. With your support, we seek to be a phenomenal brand in the eyewear industry. From us here in Jupitoo, we hope to bring you joy.

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