Vintage Acetate Oval Glasses OV5357
Vintage Acetate Oval Glasses OV5357

Vintage Acetate Oval Glasses OV5357

Frame Size Frame Width: 138 mm Lens Width: 51 mm Bridge: 18 mm Lens Height: 42 mm Temple Length: 145 mm Specifications Ma...

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Best glasses for men & women with a triangle face shape

There is no need to talk to you about us anymore, and about what we can do, and what we are presenting in this great world of glasses production. Glasses are something we can wear to preserve our sight, and we carry them when we want to hide from the strong sun, or simply wear them to be beautiful. The best feeling is when we feel nice and satisfied, and our glasses can do a lot for it.

Now, let's talk about some vintage topics. We live in a time when the fashion that was once a tip top, and now is going back to the big door. This return can affect almost all spheres of fashion, so they do not skip glasses. Retro glasses are now a fashion that everyone is following and want to pick up some of the pieces.

Our retro eyeglasses models will make you models like catwalks, you will have the confidence as never in life. If you follow us on our web site, then you will know that these are triangle glasses frames. They will make from you a great looking men’s or ladies, these are the glasses perfect for combining. And of course, you can pair them with whatever you want.  You can combine them with your outfit combinations, along with your hairstyle, or with your shoes for example. Whatever you choose, these glasses will only be cherry on cake.

For those who may not have been instructed how to find these glasses, it is necessary to click on Triple Face on our Jupitoo web site, in the Suit Face Shape option, and this will take you to this remarkable selection of triangle face shape glasses. On this page you can choose whatever glasses you want. You can choose Titanium or Acetate, Aviator or Oval, or maybe Full-rim or Rimless glasses. If you have a face shape or have too much desire for some of these models, Jupitoo has a huge number of glasses to suit triangle faces.

An Inverted Triangular face is characterized by a wide forehead and narrow cheekbones with a narrow jaw line and a pointy chin. So, how to choose the right glasses frame for triangular face shape? We advise you to minimize your upper face and get a well-balanced shape. The most flattering choice is classic Wayfarer, square or round frame that might help achieve a more balanced face shape.

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