Vintage Square Glasses OV5031
Vintage Square Glasses OV5031

Vintage Square Glasses OV5031

Frame Size Frame Width: 134 mm Lens Width: 50 mm Bridge: 19 mm Lens Height: 34.5 mm Temple Length: 150 mm Specifications ...

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Best Glasses &  Sunglasses for Square Face Shapes

A Square face has a broad forehead and a wide jaw line. Also the width and length of the Square face are similar. So, how to choose the right glasses for square face shape? We recommend a round, oval or cat-eye style frame that is the opposite from your face shape and soften your face angle so as to highlight your face features and make you stand out from the crowd.
The choice of sunglasses is not an easy job at all. Glasses are part of you and reflect your style. There are glasses that can highlight all the beauty of the face, but there are those who do the opposite. Therefore, sunglasses should always be selected according to the shape of the face. For most people, the shape of the face is different and because of that, on our face do not look good glasses that your friend looks great.

The shape of the face that appears is oval, round, square, in the shape of a heart, triangular and rectangular.

When you determine which face shape you have, it's easy to buy a good pair of glasses that will look perfect on your face. Glasses should be neither too small nor too large. But, in addition, attention should be paid to the color of the frame. Cold colors correspond to people with a brighter shade, while warm tones correspond to darker shades. Also, pay attention to the hairstyle. When you do this part of the task, then you can choose the perfect model your glasses.

Most male and female have a square face shape and therefore I want to pay a little more attention to the model of sunglasses to suit the square shape of the face. People who have this face shape have a high forehead and would look best with glasses without a frame.

Also, glasses for square face are also glasses that are round or oval, such as the Aviatic model of glasses.

Sunglasses for square face should be longer than they are wider, because in this way, these glasses will elongate the face and visually will look more beautiful.

Particular attention should be paid to the color of sunglasses. This form of face is best in pastel shades, such as green and beige, because with the help of their rough lines the face will lose its sharpness and the face will look milder.

If you follow all these guidelines, I'm pretty sure that if you have a quarter-shaped face, you can easily choose the perfect pair of glasses. Additionally, if you apply these tips, you do not have to go to the shop for the purchase of glasses, because you can do it online. This page presents the best models that will perfectly suit this shape of the face.

Take a look and choose the perfect model of sunglasses that matches the square shape of the face.

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