Kids' Glasses NO13
Kids' Glasses NO13

Kids' Glasses NO13

Frame Size Frame Width: 135 mm Lens Width: 52 mm Bridge: 16 mm Lens Height: 35 mm Temple Length: 132 mm Specifications Ma...

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Best Glasses & Sunglasses for Oval Face Shapes Male and Female

An oval face shape is characterized by a balanced, soft, rounded face, slightly wider cheekbone area with a forehead slightly wider than the jaw. So how to pick the right glasses frame for an Oval face? Almost any frame shape will suit you, and remember to choose one that fits your hair color and skin tone.

Sometimes after having received our new pair of eyeglasses, we find that it doesn’t look good on us even though the same eyeglasses looks good on others. We must understand that just like how different dresses are designed to fit different body shapes, the same applies for eyeglasses. Different eyeglasses are designed for different facial shapes.

Every one of us is born with our unique facial shape and we need to identify our facial shape to buy the right glasses to complement our face. If you are a new beginner when it comes to purchasing eyeglasses online, here are some tips to guide you in choosing the right eyeglasses or sunglasses.  First, you will need to take a good look at your face in front of the mirror to determine your facial shape, without any hair covering any part of your face.

Generally, our facial shape will belong to one of these shapes such as a round, oval, triangular, heart shape, square or rectangular face.  Once you have more or less determine the shape of your face, then you can confidently look for a pair of suitable glasses to best suit your face.

Most of the men and women have an oval face, and designers have designed a wide selection of glasses for oval face. A person with an oval face will have no difficulty looking for the right frame as most frame shapes are suitable for oval face. So if you feel like choosing an oval glasses for your oval face, there shouldn’t be any issue.

If you are wearing your glasses for the most part of your waking time, it is wise to choose thin metal frames which are lighter. These days, semi rimless oval glasses is very popular followed by rimless glasses and etc. If you fancy wearing vintage glasses, or vintage sunglasses, the best is to shop online.

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