Your Guide To Round Glasses

Your Guide To Round Glasses

My main subject is going to be glasses as you maybe already concluded by the title itself. Jupitoo which offers a wide range of amazing eyewear and sunglasses, wheater you have a prescription or not.

Since we live in a world where nobody is spared of using electronic devices whether to just watch TV shows or read an article or maybe use it for work and studying or if we just love to read books sometimes that can affect our sight and how sharp we see objects in close or distance. Our eyes suffer and every day the number of people who have to wear glasses is increasing. I know that cognition of having to wear glasses sometimes seems awful and that you can't imagine yourself to have to wear them all the time. But believe me, as a person who wears glasses for more than 2 years I have to say that It took me a long time to accept my new look but I really liked the change that glasses brought to me. If you get familiar with the tips and tricks that can help you choose the right glasses for your face shape you can conquer the world!

I know that a lot of you have never considered buying eyewear that is round-shaped but what do you think that are round glasses best for what face shape? I believe that for every face-shape you can find appropriate eyewear but I have to advise you to keep your skin tone and hair color in mind.

I've learned a long time ago that not every glasses suit every shape of the face and also that not all frame colors fit the color of your hair and your skin tone. You just have to consider all of that when choosing your perfect pair.

For example, if you didn't know for brown hair and light skin tone the best color for the frame on your glasses is maybe black, yellow or silver. But in case you have blonde hair I would recommend you to go with the more colorful frames like pink, blue or even green. Of course, I can't forget all of my red-headed readers and if I were you I would definitely choose frames in earthy tones such as copper, brown and even black.

Of course, I can't just "talk in empty", I have to show you some of my favorite round glasses. They come in a variety of designs and I would truly recommend the following ones: round metal frames, round tortoiseshell frame, and retro style round lenses.

Here are the ones on my wishlist (Btw. If you like them you can just order the ones without any prescription and wear it as an accessory). If you like any of the showed glasses below you can find them by searching "round glasses" on jupitoo online store.

The first ones are great for any hair color and every skin tone if you ask me. I think that everyone should own a pair of black glasses because they really go with any outfit and you don't have to worry to match them with your makeup or other accessories. Also, the shape of this frame is great for heart-shaped face or even round face because It's slightly squared at the edges. I would love to order this one in particular because I love their designs and they are really trendy and popular among a lot of people so even if you don't have a prescription of your eye doctor (ophthalmologist) you would rock them as regular sunglasses.

The second ones are a little bit different since they are leaning to the retro and vintage side. They kind of look like the ones that pilots would wear back in the day. I like their design because they're unisex and both, male and female, can wear them. The design is very sophisticated and elegant and maybe for some older, business people. In this photo, they look really high-quality, with the simple but very unique design and I think that they would look the best and compliment the heart and oval-shaped face.

The last ones that I'm showing you in this article are probably the ones that I would order before anything else. They are so adorable and cute and remind me of the glasses that would wear some kind of teacher or librarian. Yeah, their design is maybe old-fashioned but the print on the frames make them look trendy and modern. I think that people who want to be in the center of attention would rock them because they would definitely make them stand in the crowd due to their elegance and sexy note.

I really hope that I helped you with my advice and that you'll easier make a decision on what eyewear and frame you should choose when you are shopping next in the eyewear shop. I also hope that you liked my wishlist and that I give you an inspiration when it comes to choosing more trendy designs and patterns of the frames. I truly recommend you to take a look at Jupitoo site and chose your glasses on there because I was more than thrilled when I took a look on their wide range of high-quality glasses for such inexpensive prices.

Enjoy shopping and wear your glasses with confidence!
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