Will Prescription Glasses Hurt My Eyes

Will Prescription Glasses Hurt My Eyes?

A lot of assumptions were made to answer this trending question nowadays. Does prescription glasses really hurt your eyes? Going back to why it was made and what is its use in the first place strongly justifies why prescription glasses doesn’t count to hurt one’s eyes.

There are times why a lot of people feel that their prescription glasses cause them headaches and eye strain. It is because first, you’re probably wearing a wrong grade glasses. Before prescribing a pair of glasses an optometrist may perform an eye exam to make sure that the right grade will be given and fitted comfortably to the patient. A wrong grade of prescription glasses may feel weird to wear and feel as if you’re floating which may later on cause headache and eye strain. Another thing that makes your eyes feel in pain while wearing prescription glasses is that you’re wearing a weaker one or an older one which you’re not supposed to do so. Don’t forget to update your lenses. An eye check up will be most probably needed to correct your eye grade and have a new prescribed pair of prescription glasses.

Always remember that prescription glasses do not hurt our eyes. It’s either an old pair or a wrong pair that makes everything unbearable and intolerable.
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