Why do I consider sunglasses a necessity

Why do I consider sunglasses a necessity?

Sunglasses have always been on the list of accessories, both for women and men. But as much as they are loved by some people, they are both blamed and considered to be nonsense by others. I am part of the category of those who consider sunglasses a necessity and not a fad.

Of course, I like to have as many pairs of sunglasses as I can match them to various outfits, but I do that out of necessity. My eyes are very sensitive to bright lights and to the sun, and without effective glasses I can not stand. My eyes are pricking, they are lazily and I'm just frowning.

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Why do I consider sunglasses a necessity?

1, Protects your eyes from the strong light of sunlight or snow. Yes, sometimes I wear glasses when the light is too strong and disturbing.
2,  It helps us to postpone the appearance of wrinkles as much as possible. If you have sensitivity to light, like me, you will only be frowned out. In this way, wrinkles will not be delayed, much faster than we want.
3, Protects your eyes from ultraviolet rays. A pair of good sunglasses will not only help you feel comfortable when out, but also protect you from the sun's rays.
4, Helps you drive. Sunglasses seem to me indispensable to drive, especially on long roads. The games of lights and shadows and the sun that come into your eyes are extremely tedious. It's a lot easier when you have a pair of good polarized glasses to protect you and give you the necessary comfort.

So, from my point of view, wearing sunglasses is not at all a fad, but a necessity. As some people do not see without glasses, others can not get out of the house without sunglasses. I am among them.

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