History of Sunglasses

Who Invented Sunglasses? History of Sunglasses

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Do you know how the first pair of sunglasses appeared? If not, then reading may be useful to you.
History of Sunglasses
In 1752, scientist James Escue created an object similar to modern sunglasses using blue glasses. But his invention never caught on, so the know-how remained unclaimed until napoleon needed glasses for his army. Here the real excitement begins. The emperor ordered all his soldiers, without exception, to wear glasses to protect their eyes from the sun. The glasses of these glasses were painted and darkened with soot, but they accomplished their main task - they treasured the eyes of soldiers.

After a while, European optics began working on lenses that would not distort images and provide reliable protection. Since the introduction of steam locomotives and automobiles, people have been using sunglasses more and more, not only to protect their eyes from ultraviolet radiation, but also to prevent dust, soot and sparks.

Later, really good quality lenses began to appear dark lenses, and after a while, they wore beautiful frames. Today, sunglasses are not only a useful accessory, but also a fashionable fashion thing that can complement your appearance.
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