Where To Buy Vintage Glasses

Where To Buy Vintage Glasses?

Once again we are here to talk about vintage fashion! I confess that the trends on this subject are many and I know that you, as I do, love. And thinking of joining the useful to the pleasant, why not talk about such a serious matter without losing the style? And to guide us, we will count on the help of Jupitoo, an online store specializing in glasses in general, which has models of beautiful vintage glasses.
vintage glasses
Cat-eye goggles were the hallmark of many 1950s girls. With pointed outer corners, the model refers to feline eye, hence the name "kitten goggles." And fool who thought that this model was only usual in sunglasses, until Marylin Monroe loved this little model so bet and see other models of women's glasses on the site!

Straight from the 1970s, round glasses were once symbols of great music names like John Lennon and Janis Joplin, since the format was practically the symbol of the hippy and cult youth of the time.

One of the models that, despite being very old, never go out of style is the aviator glasses, created in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb for the protection of the pilots. Nowadays the glasses is a darling of many people, including, there are many models of men's glasses on the site, bet!

In addition to these models, there is a collection of vintage glasses very beautiful and affordable in the store, recommend for lovers of retro!
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