What's blurred vision and how to cure blurry vision

What's blurred vision and how to cure blurry vision?

Electronic products increasingly rich, eye problems are becoming more and more prominent, many people may have eye pain, dry eyes, bloodshot eyes, blurred vision and ghosting. Not only teenagers and adults, but also many children suffer from blurred vision. So what causes blurred vision?

Why blurred vision occurs?

There are many factors that cause blurred vision, which may be as follows:
blurred vision eye strain
1) Eye strain. Many people's blurred vision may be caused by eye strain. If you watch TV or use mobile phones, computers and other electronic products for a long time, especially in the case of bad light, it will cause a lot of damage to the eyes, the long time will cause eye fatigue, eye fatigue may see things more fuzzy.

2) Bacterial or viral infection. If you do not pay attention to eye hygiene, your eyes may be infected by bacteria or viruses, and you may suffer from eye diseases, such as keratitis, conjunctivitis, etc., and blurred vision may also occur during the disease.

3) Blurred vision caused by complications of some diseases. Complications from certain diseases, such as diabetes, can cause blurred vision. If the long-term hyperglycemia of diabetic patients may damage the eyes and cause complications such as retinopathy, these complications may cause vision problems, and may even be blind.

4) Amblyopia, strabismus, cataract, glaucoma and other eye diseases; Lack of vitamin b, vitamin C, vitamin D and other nutritional elements; Depression, anxiety, anemia, migraines, fever, late pregnancy, and prednisone can also cause blurred vision.

Other symptoms of a blurred vision

Sudden blurred vision and dizziness, sudden blurry vision in left eye, blurry vision in the morning, woke up with blurry vision in one eye,blurred vision after eating,blurred vision at night, blurred vision after surgery,blurred vision during pregnancy,when headache blurred vision, blurred vision when tired, blurred vision when waking up, blurred vision when reading, blurred vision when standing up, blurred vision when hungry, blurred vision when looking down, blurred vision when exercising, blurred vision when looking at computer screen, blurred vision when stressed, blurred vision when turning head, blurred vision when fasting, blurred vision when i woke up, blurred vision when waking, blurred vision when cold, blurred vision when anxiety, drugs cause blurred vision, Seeing so many blurred vision Symptoms, You nervous? Don't worry, please read on.

How to cure blurred vision?

The situation of blurred vision, such as unclear vision and ghosting, has a great impact on people and directly affects our daily life. So how to treat blurred vision?

First of all, if there is any problem of blurred vision such as blurred vision or double image, you must go to the hospital for examination in time, and look for the cause of blurred vision together with the doctor, and then look for a solution to the problem. Prescription glasses may be required if refraction, nearsightedness, hyperopia, etc. it may be necessary to wear prescription glasses. Be sure to go to a professional glasses organization. After optometry, choose the appropriate number of glasses. Never buy it yourself, so as not to hurt your eyes. Jupitoo has 10 years of optical industry professional knowledge, can be assured to buy prescription glasses online. If it is blurred vision caused by eye diseases, it is necessary to cure eye diseases first.

Secondly, patients with diabetes and hypertension, if there is a problem of blurred vision, may consider diabetes, hypertension complications, to control blood sugar and blood pressure, while taking medication under the guidance of a doctor to treat eye lesions. Old people have blurred vision, or they may have optic nerve decline, and may need to wear reading glasses. Before the optician, you need to go to a professional institution for optometry and then choose the appropriate reading glasses.
eye exercises
Finally, eye exercises can help relieve blurry vision. Appear eyesight is blurred, while treating to the symptom, also need to often do eye health care to hold consolidate curative effect. If the blurred vision is more and more serious, please timely treatment, do not have a fluke psychology.

Is vision blurred is myopia?

Many people have problems with blurred vision. The first reaction is that the eyes may be nearsighted. So is vision blurred in myopia?
Is vision blurred is myopia
A very common symptom of myopia in the eye is blurred vision. It is not clear to see things. It needs to be close to see, but the blurred vision does not necessarily mean that the eyes are nearsighted. Many factors may cause blurred vision. Glaucoma, retinopathy, macular degeneration, eye trauma, etc. may cause blurred vision. Even when eyes are tired, there may be cases where the eyesight may not be clearly blurred. Myopia only causes blurred vision a possible reason.

Additional, some myopia are not true eye myopia, the likelihood is false sex myopia. Some people, especially children and teenagers, do not pay attention to eye habits, reading and writing posture is not correct, the eyes from too close, and even lying reading, long this may appear as fuzzy, causing pseudomyopia. In modern society, electronic products are more and more popular. Many children even start to use mobile phones, ipads, computers and other electronic products. Pseudomyopia can be restored by scientific treatment, but it can also become true myopia if left unchecked.

How to improve blurred vision?

Many diseases have the method of food therapy, there are a lot of food is very good for the eyes, if eat more food can prevent eye diseases. So what can you eat to improve your blurred vision?

Just like people need nutrients, the eyes also need nutrients. Many trace elements, such as vitamin A, calcium, chromium, phosphorus, zinc, etc. are very good for the eyes. If lacking, it may cause blurred vision. Therefore, some foods have a relief effect on blurred vision.

Some substances on the retina of the eye are synthesized by the function of proteins together. If there is a lack of protein in the body, it may cause retinal dysfunction and blurry vision. Therefore, you should eat more foods rich in protein, such as fish, shrimp, lean meat, eggs, beans, milk and so on.

Anthocyanins play an important role in the synthesis and regeneration of retinal mesopsin. Blueberry contains rich microelement not only, still contain rich anthocyanin, eat blueberry to be able to improve eye blood to circulate more, alleviate inspect fatigue, alleviate the symptom of blurred vision, still can prevent myopia.

Lutein, known as "eye gold", is an important component of the retina of the human eye. However, lutein cannot be synthesized by the body itself and needs to be absorbed from food. Therefore, eating more food rich in lutein can improve the condition of blurred vision. Kiwi, corn, green leafy vegetables and other lutein content is higher, can eat more.

How to prevent blurred vision?

First of all, in daily life, pay attention to eye hygiene, do not rub your eyes with your hands, wash a face towel had better not be Shared, lest infect bacterium, virus to wait, cause eye ministry disease.
write posture should correct
Secondly, read a book, write posture should correct,The eyes should be at a certain distance from the paper. Do not lie down and read. The light for reading and writing should be moderate. Don't be too bright or too dark. Too bright and too dark is not good for your eyes. Usually minimize the time spent on electronic products. Reading, writing, using electronic products about half an hour to rest, look at the distance to avoid eye fatigue. Want to notice to do eye health exercise at ordinary times, prevent myopia. Get plenty of outdoor activity every day.

In addition, develop good eating habits, ensure adequate nutrition, do not picky eaters or partial eclipse, inadequate nutrition, may also affect vision.

Finally, if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, you must pay attention to control blood sugar, blood pressure, to avoid complications.
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