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Two of my Favorite Sunglasses

I’m currently preparing for the start of my summer classes next week and it’s a little sad that vacation is over for me. But, I’m happy that I have so many memories to bring with me and that I’ll be starting another new month full of expectations and hopes.

Going back, today’s post is all about one of my favorite accessories, the sunglasses. Since I was in my teenage years I have already been a fan of collecting different kinds and styles of sunnies. I don’t know what influenced me to like it but every time I see someone wears it I know in myself that I also want to try and have it. I know it’s one thing that I cannot give up in my closet because every piece of my sunnies has a corresponding style according to my mood. Yes! I also have sunnies in different shapes, sizes as well as different colors.

I have two recommended sunglasses to show you and below are my thoughts about it.
round sunglasses
First is this round sunglasses. I love round sunglasses and half of my collection comes in this shape. This style of sunnies is best to achieve the boho, rusty look. The gold metal framework is a plus because it made the sunnies look effortlessly classy. This also comes in different colors such as browon, pink, yellow and blue.
Second is this round cat eye sunglasses. This is my current favorite and my latest purchases are in this shape. I have a square face and a prominent jawline and I believe that this shape looks best in those features. I love how simply classy it looks.

If you liked any of these 2, you can purchase it at Jupitoo’s online site. Be sure to check out our website for promotions and discounts! :)
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