Top Fashion Sunglasses Trends

Top Fashion Trends: Sunglasses/Prescription you need in 2019

You don’t need a blazing sun to wear sunglasses, but it’s an incentive, and with summer just around the corner, it’s time you up your game with the hottest sunglasses of the moment.
Sunglasses you need in 2019
Don’t worry, Jupitoo have a wide range of runaway approved shades and rounded up the latest sunglasses trends for you to try on. From circular to square, vintage to modern, and neutral to bright colored, the Spring/Summer collections have them all.

Sunglasses are arguably the one item that can make or break your entire summer wardrobe. Think about it: If you've settled on the perfect pair that makes a statement but still somehow goes with everything, it will take your look from zero to 100 in an instant. But on the other hand, make the mistake of leaving it at home, and your outfit can never really live its best life. The good news is you're mere moments away from finding your next pair of shades to wear all summer long.

One of the more unique design trends to show up on the Jupitoo spring/ summer 2019 sunglasses was a flat top. Basically, we saw multiple sunglasses where the top part of the eye wires was perfectly straight.

It may sound ridiculous, but I think you shouldn’t match the frame shape to your face shape. Go for the frame that is opposite from the shape of your face, it will balance the features of your face. Plus, never forget about your eye makeup, it will add more sophistication and beauty. Now let’s speak about face shapes. The oval-shaped face comes with balanced proportions, that’s why you are free to wear any frames you like, from glam and tiny-little glasses or oversized glasses specs. The square shape faces are angular, that’s why you should try the oval or round eyeglasses. They will soften and add contrast to your face. Rounded faces come with soft curves, that’s why go for rectangular styles, they will make your face slimmer and lengthen it. The heart-shaped faces are hard to style, that’s why you should always experiment with different frames, let it be Jupitoo aviator eyeglasses, butterfly or cat-eyeglasses.
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