The trend of glasses in the 90s

The trend of glasses in the 90s has returned

Did you hear about Jupitoo? Jupitoo is a global optical online store where you have a large selection of spectacle frames, as well as sunglasses. And have you noticed that the trend of the 90s has greatly returned to the fashion scene? The exception is not even optics, so we again have the glasses that were once (and perhaps even now) called Lenonke.
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Their name was given to John Lennon, a singer of the planetly popular group Bitlsi who was wearing this form of glasses. And Harry Potter wears such glasses. Although I used to wear Lenonke, I now prefer aviators and even romantic ones. My husband took my style and he wears only aviators for years. Real sports unisex glasses, and with dark glasses you can also hide the look (as my husband says).

This model has a plastic frame and a larger surface of the glass, which is good because it protects the larger surface of the face, not just the eyes and a small part of the skin under the eye. The skin under the eyes is the most sensitive and, in addition to adequate care, it needs protection. Glasses are not worn only during the summer months, but are then necessary to protect you from harmful sun rays.

Considering that the summer has come a long time, hurry to get your pair of glasses, if you have not already. There are many models of glasses, sometimes it seems to me too, then I am at the pain that my glasses choose. Fortunately, I'm not the only one I have, there is more.
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