You have heard about JUPITOO prescription eyeglasses and fashion sunglasses, They both serve different purposes. They are a hybrid of prescription or power eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Jupitoo glasses help Protect against dust, and microorganisms getting into your eyes. Unlike eyeglasses, they protect again harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. And on top of it all, your prescription is already in the lenses. Sunglasses literally are a one-stop solution for protecting your eyes.
jupitoo glasses
They are more than just a fashion accessory too. Jupitoo Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. That being said, they can still look great, sunglasses aren’t just reserved for those with contacts or no need for corrective lenses.

This isn’t just for summer either. Sunshine happens all the time, even in cold months. So having sunglasses can protect you all year long. Stop squinting in the sun because you forgot to wear contacts. You can also customize your lenses to be different colors, varied darkness, and polarized. And you can see? What’s not to love…

Driving while on a bright day can cause excessive squinting and watery eyes. It creates a potential driving hazard as your depth perception can get thrown off, or hinder your field of sight. Further problems with optimal vision can occur, surprisingly, on a rainy day. Using prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses enhances optical quality can improve color and contrast and enhance depth perception.

Anyone who has ever been on a boat in the middle of the water on a sunny day would attest to the fact that sunglasses are a vision saver. Glare-proof optical sunglasses with polarized lenses instantly enhance sight and ease the visual strain.

Sunglasses serve to not only protect the eyes from harmful UV rays while running and biking, but also from flying debris. Foreign objects, like dust, tiny particles, and bugs will not only irritate the eye, but can cause a scratch, or infection.

At the beach or the pool, the sun can be blinding making it is near impossible to keep your eyes open, even if you have a hat on your head. The FDA recommends that you never wear contacts while swimming because it can introduce harmful bacteria which cause eye infections.

Also, wearing contacts on the beach can make your eyes itchy and watery due to the effects of sand, sun, wind and water.
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