Summertime glasses with Jupitoo

Summertime glasses with Jupitoo

One thing that I started to notice is my eye sight, it has gotten really bad this last year that I really need my lenses or glasses which is really weird to me. After strolling the internet to find some cute looking glasses I stumbles upon the JUPITOO Glasses website. This website has got some cute looking glasses and even sell sunglasses on prescription which is amazing for beach and pool days!

The sunglasses look so trendy that you would never guess that they are prescription glasses. What amazes me even more is the price, they are so affordable. Therefore I decided to share my 3 favorite sunglasses from the website:

CAT EYE Sunglasses
The CAT EYE Sunglasses
POLYGON Sunglasses
The POLYGON Sunglasses
ROUND Sunglasses
The ROUND Sunglasses

These glasses will fit any face shape and tan, which is amazing. I know what I will be ordering . They also have a men page with other glasses and sunglasses designs, which might be a cute birthday or anniversary gift!

Let me know which glasses you like most

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