Purchasing Prescription Optical Glasses

Purchasing Prescription Optical Glasses From Online Store

I started wearing optical glasses since I was schooling. The optical glasses I wore were those boring type suitable for school girls, Once I started working, I switched to more fashionable optical frames and coated lenses for better eyes protection. I prefer wearing optical glasses than contact lenses as I find it more convenient. Even now that I have retired, I am still wearing my glasses. It started with short sightedness and as I was approaching 40 years, I found that I need glasses for long sightedness too.
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From then on, I find that multi focal lenses suit me fine as I use computer most of the time. It took me awhile to get adjusted to wearing multi focal lenses. Those days, getting a pair of prescription glasses fitted is not cheap, depending on the quality and brand of the frame and lenses. I need a pair of good quality and durable glasses as I wear the glasses most of the time I am awake. These days, instead of going to an optical shop to choose the optical frame and lenses, I can easily buy a nice pair of glasses that is less expensive from an online store such as Jupitoo.

All I need to do is choose the optical frame that I want, then choose the appropriate lenses according to my optical requirements. It is important to choose the right type of lenses according to my prescription that I can obtain from an optometrist. Once I have decided on the optical frame and lenses, the next thing is to mail a copy of my precise optical prescription together with the PD or pupil distance for my glasses to be fitted.

Optical glasses can be fitted with a full frame, semi-rimless or rimless frame. The full frame or semi-rimless are more suitable for me because the rimless frame will be too delicate for me to handle. The frames are made from various types of materials such as metal, acetate, titanium or mixed. For those of us who wear glasses for the most part of the day, we should choose frames that are light. Talking about making optical glasses, I need to buy an extra pair of reasonably priced sunglasses. These days the weather is so warm and the sun is so glaring, there is a need to wear sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun’s ray. I prefer to keep one pair of sunglasses in my own car and one in my husband’s car. It will come in handy whenever I need to wear them.
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