Never wear expired prescription glasses

Never wear expired prescription glasses

Expired Prescription Glasses can lead to serious consequences. For instance, amoebae, fungi, and bacteria present on expired lenses can cause eyes infection, which may lead to blindness. So, health professionals including ophthalmologists recommend not to wear expired prescription glasses.

Why Does An Eyeglass Prescription Expire?

Many people ask us “why my eyeglass prescription expires?” Well, this is a good question that needs to be answered. Simply put, your eyes change over time. So, after some time – let’s say 1-2 years – your current eyeglass prescription may not be accurate or appropriately correct your vision.
Eyeglass Prescription Expire
If you ignore the expiry of eyeglass prescription and continue making glasses according to it, you may face headaches, eye strains and other serious conditions such as blurry vision and blindness. Therefore, we recommend routine eye examinations to avoid conditions like eye macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, and glaucoma.

Eyeglass prescription expiration by state

If you are living in the U.S, then you must know that each state has different eyeglass prescription expiration laws and regulations. You must consult with your doctor and/or the state department to get some information about it. Eyeglass prescriptions are usually valid for 1-2 years in the U.S or the minimum time required by the state law.

How long are glasses prescriptions valid?

Again, it depends on the state law according to which the doctor will give you a prescription. However, there is no fixed time – as different states have their own regulations for it. In most situations, the validity time is 1-2 years. The expiration date is the last day which can be used the optical labs or shops legally to make eyeglasses.

Can I use an expired eye prescription?

Absolutely not! You cannot use an expired eye prescription. This is very simple to understand. If you use an expired prescription, you may put yourself into a pool of problems. Again, your eyes change as your age – so, an old prescription never guarantees clear vision. Therefore, we always recommend a routine eye exam so that you know about your vision – whether it has improved or deteriorated.

Can I use an old eye prescription?

Again, the answer is a big “NO.” If you use an old eye prescription, it will affect your eyes for the obvious reasons. First and foremost, you will feel headache and nauseous. Second, when you order eye labs to make glasses for you with an old prescription – and you start using them, it will affect your vision. Like other organs, eyes hold a significant place in our life. Why ruin them? So, a wise man/women will never use an old eye prescription.

What are the dangers of using expired prescription glasses?

Using expired prescription glasses can damage your eyes. They can also cause headaches and discomfort. The blurred vision, which accompanies an old or expired prescription can be extremely dangerous – especially if you are playing a sport or driving a car. If you continue using expired prescription glasses, your eye vision will worsen over time. So, respect your eyes and never wear expired prescription glasses.
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