Jupitoo Classic Glasses

Jupitoo Sports Glasses & Classic Glasses

One of my favorite eyewear brand is introducing a new set of categories from their website. Jupitoo has a lot more to offer and their team has came up with a new set of categories on their shop namely.
Jupitoo Sports Glasses
Sports Glasses - which will come in prescription glasses, sunglasses and even goggles! Can you believe that? You can already see the beauty under the sea while wearing a stylish and equally protective equipment that doesn't feel one!

Kids Glasses - which I'm sure is very relevant nowadays. A lot of kids are diagnosed with poor eyesight because of being exposed too long in gadgets like tablets and phones. Most doctors prescribe wearing eyeglasses as early as possible to correct their eyesight.

Classic Glasses, Yes, i'm pertaining to those classic cat eye and round timeless frames that will never go out of style!

I visited the following links and looks like they're still stocking up and preparing everything for their clients. But apart from it you may continuously visit their website (www.jupitoo.com) to constantly view what's new from those categories or you may stay updated in this post! :)

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