Jupitoo provided 1000 pairs of new glasses for needy children

Jupitoo provided 1000 pairs of new glasses for needy children

Jupitoo.com is a retailer of eyeglasses for 10 years, whose factory is located in China, which produces more than 10 million pairs of glasses a year, with branded frames.
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They had the idea of ​​creating this online eyewear store to help people find affordable glasses by cutting costs at traditional retailers. They have transformed eyeglasses from a necessity into an indispensable accessory.

They have a team of over 150 optical specialists to ensure that every product produced is of excellent quality. Each process is under control in its own Jupitoo factory and each pair of glasses is subjected to rigorous quality tests after processing.

Safe, fast and easy. In just a few clicks, you can choose your favorite model: oval, square, aviator, round, cat's eye, browline, polygon, rectangle and edged with horn, also with transparent glasses, oversized glasses, vintage glasses and computer glasses.

Choosing the right shape of a pair of glasses that will highlight the beauty of your face is not at all easy, but on this site there is plenty of choice, well 2019 !

For example, women who have a square face will adapt better to square glasses, while those with a heart-shaped face will adapt better to "cat-eye" glasses.

Among other things, if you have the prescription from the optician, you can give it to him and you will already receive the slow graduated suit for you!

Furthermore Jupitoo has some incredible promotions throughout the year. For example, they currently offer the "Buy One Get One" promotion where you can get prescription glasses or sunglasses when you buy another pair of glasses.

Obviously there is also a wide selection of sunglasses and men's glasses,

And a beautiful thing they did? Thanks to the collaboration with Children's Vision Health Charity, they provided 1000 pairs of new glasses for needy children.
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