How to Purchase Prescription Glasses Online

How to Purchase Prescription Glasses Online

To purchase prescription glasses online becomes more and more popular, and compared with purchasing at traditional physical stores, you are able to save lots of time and do without paying a heavy price.

We know that your first purchase was a bit intimidating, so we formulate this guide to help you purchase prescription glasses online better to the right direction.

1. Select Your Optical Frame

To purchase prescription glasses online begins with selecting an optical frame, which is usually the most time consuming part in the process. You can select the full-frame, half-frame or non-frame as well as shapes and styles in accordance with your demand. Click here to check relative contents concerning How to pick the right glasses for your face shape .

2. Select Lenses

Although the appearance of glasses is very important, their functions are more important. The quality and function of lenses are the biggest contributor to your satisfaction on glasses. In case of purchasing RX glasses, please remember matters as follows:

1) The crucial part of selecting lenses is to select suitable lenses according to your optical requirement. Based on your eyes and individual requirement, you may need single eyesight or multiple eyesight lenses stipulated by an optometrist.

2) In case of determining the suitable lenses fitting your eyesight requirement, the next is to select the proper coating for your life style. The coatings of anti-scratch, anti-reflection, waterproof and UV protection are only several options preventing your eyes and glasses from elemental and daily abrasions. If you purchase prescription glasses, there are more options, such as tones, gradations and reflective lenses.

3. Provide Your Prescription

In case of selecting your requisite optical frame and the type of lenses, the next is to make your optical frame and lenses customize your unique style in accordance with your prescription. Please send your prescription to our mailbox.

How to Gain Your Prescription

You should visit your optometrist to ensure your prescription is the latest (within 12 months), and you must provide the pupil distance (PD). If you do not know your PD, you can measure it personally or with your friend’s help easily (how to measure PD). Pupil distance determines which position each lens’s center position is placed in the optical frame, which is very important to order prescription glasses online, therefore we hope to guarantee the accuracy.

No matter male prescription glasses or female prescription glasses, in case that you provide a precise prescription and pass through these simple procedures, you will gain a pair of new and fashionable glasses at your doorway within 7-14 working days.
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