How to Order Tinted Glasses

How to Order Tinted Glasses?

Are you looking for some stylish glasses that can meet your unique personality requirements? Well, tinted glasses are considered as best addition for all outdoor enthusiasts, and athletes who wish to add more color to their life. They do not just make the environment appear brighter; rather, at the same time, they reduce glare, improve your depth perception and enhance contrast as well.

What percentage tint are most sunglasses?

No matter whether you are interested in getting a more fashion-forward look with the brighter tint, or wish to shield your eyes from sun using darker tint; there are numbers of options in the market to initiate purchase. However, beginners often get confused among various designs to meet their style requirements.

Generally, tints are defined in terms of percentage. The 0% has clear appearance; whereas the 100% blocks complete light. The fashion tint lies between 10% to 20%, whereas 50% to 80% is suitable for outdoor protection. Most popular versions of tinted glasses are available with lens tints 10%, 50%, and 80%. If you are interested to know what is normal tint for sunglasses, the common recommendation is 10 to 20%.  

What color tint is best for glasses?

Tinted Glasses

Standard tint lenses are designed with solid colors right from top to bottom. The darker lenses are widely recommended for outdoor needs; you can think about dark green, dark amber and dark gray color.

Few of these fashion tints can be used indoors as well. They are designed to balance the routine color contrasts without providing shades from the sun. If you are looking for indoor tinted glasses, some of the best ideas are yellow, rose, orange, lavender, fuchsia, light green, and light gray.

One the other side, the gradient tints are darker on the top side of the lens and have a lighter appeal on the bottom side. They look more attractive in the outdoors. The most popular gradient tint options for eyeglasses include purple, pink, blue, green, amber, and gray.

Choosing your tint glasses

The great news is that tinted glasses can be added to any type of frame. You can choose the one that gives perfect appeal on your face. Prefer to pick designs as per your face shape; they will look more impressive. Once you have selected the frame, it is time to provide information about your eyewear prescription. It also includes your pupillary distance. Prefer to get exact recommendations from your eye doctor. They will help you ensure adequate vision correction.

The lens index is decided as per your prescription. Generally, the tint option is usually available for low index lenses; few high-index lenses are not available with tints. Once you are done with all the above steps, it is time to choose your preferred tint. No matter whether you are interested in standard tint or want to go ahead with gradient tint. As soon as you have filled all these details, it is time to place the order and make payment. The sellers online ensure fast delivery at your doorstep.

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