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How to find the best glasses for heart-shaped faces

The heart-shaped face has a widow’s peak, wider cheekbones, and pointy chin. What does this mean? In simple words, if you have a heart-shaped face, your cheekbones or forehead are the widest part of the face structure, which tapers down a narrow jaw.Most people see glasses as a fashion accessory. However, it also keeps eyes comfortable from the harmful rays of the sun. Wearing glasses is important when it comes to protecting your eyes from damaging and harsh UV rays.

How to choose your glasses according to your face shape

Many people choose the type of glasses according to their face shape. For instance, if you have a diamond-shaped face, you must try frames, which have distinctive or detailing brow lines. The purpose of wearing such types of frames is to soften the cheekbones and highlight the eyes.

In addition, the length and width of a round face are almost similar. If you want to elongate or play down the cheeks fullness. It is important to choose a frame with straight lines and strong angles. When it comes to round faces, semi-rimless glasses with square frames are the best.

How to choose a frame for Heart Shaped Faces?

First and foremost, you need to choose frames, which are pretty much wider than your forehead. You can also look for frames that have prominent endpoints. For example, cat-eye shapes or clubmasters.

Another important thing while choosing a frame for your heart-shaped face is the choice of the “color.” We recommend light colors such as floral or tortoise patterns. This will soften your look.

Best Glasses for Heart Shaped Faces in 2019

There are many types of glasses that fit the heart-shaped faces. However, the preferred ones are oval glasses, which fit this type of face perfectly. Semi-rimless or rimless glasses are also considered a good fit for heart-shaped faces. Wayfarer eyeglasses frames are broader at the top than at the bottom. Therefore, Wayfarer glasses are good for individuals with heart-shaped face.

Glasses for Heart Shaped Faces male

For males, the best glasses are “Wayfarer.” These frames are considered perfect for males with heart-shaped faces. Again, the reason is that they are pretty much wider at the top. As a result, you get width at your face top without drawing much attention to the cheeks. This gives your face a balanced look.

Oval frames that come with low-set temples also keep attention to the eyes – i.e. away from your forehead. If you want to balance the proportion of your chin and forehead, we recommend you to go for bottom-heavy oval glasses. These glasses are ideal for men with heart-shaped faces.

Glasses for Heart Shaped Faces female

For females, the Clubmaster and Classic Cat-Eye frames are perfect. The slick lines in these types of frames will concentration on your eyes and not on your chin. The oval lenses likewise will work amazingly perfect with the features of your heart-shaped face. Cat-eye look works best on women that have heart-shaped faces.

Glasses for Heart Shaped Faces female
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