How to choose your glasses according to your face shape

How to choose your glasses according to your face shape

Today, I want to talk about glasses, be they sun or eyes, and how to choose your glasses according to the shape of the face. Many people are disappointed and sad when they find they have to wear glasses. Indeed, it is not a desirable thing, but if you must, you must.

It is totally wrong to think that you can not look good anymore if you wear glasses. It's all about choosing the right pair of eyeglasses to get you better.

How do you choose your eyeglasses?

The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

As I was saying, there are some tricks that can help you choose your glasses to suit your face, to be sure it benefits you.

1. For the round face, choose the rectangular and tight glasses with thin frames. They will create a contrast and the face will look more elongated and narrower. Avoid very large lenses or thick frames.
2. For the square face, choose the goggles with oval frames or the aviator type. Larger frames and darker colored lenses make it easier for people with a square face. Avoid glasses or those in the corners.
3. If you have an oval face, you are lucky. An oval face fits any type of glasses, so you can even order them online without the fear of going well. On Jupitoo I saw a lot of beautiful models and ok at a price.
4. For a long face, large, square or oval glasses are recommended. Avoid small and round glasses.
5. The heart-shaped face needs tapering glasses, with oval lenses, preferably dark.

However, these are general criteria that guide us when we do not know what to choose. Everybody should wear what he likes.

P.S. You can guide your sunglasses according to the same criteria.

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