How To Choose the Right Cat-Eye Glasses for Your Face

How To Choose the Right Cat-Eye Glasses for Your Face?

Cat-Eye Glasses are fun to wear, they exude style and they are also super trendy and fun to wear too. That being said, finding the best Cat-Eye Glasses for yourself can be a very challenging thing to do. It’s not a simple process, it takes time and commitment to pick good glasses like this. But thankfully there are ways to get past that. It all comes down to finding the Cat-Eye Glasses that suit your face type. How To Choose the Right Cat-Eye Glasses for Your Face

Pear face

People with this type of face have a narrow forehead and a broad jawline. What you want to do here is to go with the aviator-like Cat-Eye Glasses. These should also have angular square shapes. Try to adapt and adjust to the process here, check various colors if possible and it will be great.

Diamond face

You can wear Cat-Eye Glasses if you have a diamond face. But here you want to go with the angular glasses as they have larger wings. You must balance the jawline, so using this style and a rimless approach can make a lot of sense. Just try to give it a shot and adapt it to your own requirements.

Heart face

Those persons that have a heart face will need a frame that’s a bit wider when compared to the forehead. This works really well if you have this type of facial shape. Ideally you also want to go with some light colors. If you can find some tortoiseshell frames that will be the best option.

Round face

The main issue here is that you have rounded cheeks, so you have to make sure that you draw the attention away from that and your jawline. What you want to do is to go with the angular Cat-Eye Glasses. These still look amazing, but if you choose an angular and maybe even oversized frame that will be really helpful. There’s also the idea of having a thick frame if possible.

Square face

When you have a square face things are a bit different here. The upturned wings brought by Cat-Eye Glasses really help make your eyes shine. You will also need some narrowed frames. The idea is to go with a winged style, if it has some rounded edges that helps a lot. Stay away from the square frames, they don’t work well with a square face.

Oval face

People with an oval face are not as restricted. Due to their facial shape they can pull off all kinds of amazing stuff. It’s important to take your time with it and actively find a way to adapt to the process and make it work. Go for those frames that have wider frames when compared to your face.

Getting the right Cat-Eye Glasses can be a bit tricky, as the facial shape will require distinctive features and models. But once you get past that you will have no problem getting amazing results, all you have to do is to give this a try and just enjoy the process, you will be very happy with your results in the end!
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