How to choose sunglasses

How to choose sunglasses

I have prepared some tips to help you choose the right sunglasses. In summer, when enjoying the holidays and beautiful weather, remember to protect not only the skin but also the eyes from the sun. For this purpose, baseball caps or hats with a larger brim are great, which also protect the head from overheating. If you're not a fan of headgear, you can opt for sunglasses. There are many models in different colors on the market. How in this maze of possibilities, choose the right glasses? What is worth paying attention to?

Determine the shape of your face

sunglasses for face shape

It is said that pretty in everything nice, but in the wrongly chosen glasses, hardly anyone will look impeccable. That is why it is so important to correctly determine the shape of the face. To do this, tie your hair and sit in front of the mirror. It is important that it is placed in front of the eyes.

Triangular face - here it is worth focusing on finding glasses that will optically reduce your wide forehead. Round, oval or butterfly glasses work well in this case. It is worth noting that the top line of glasses does not line up horizontally.

Oval face - considered ideal because it is the most proportional and will fit many glasses models. However, with a face of this shape, it is best to choose square or rectangular frames. You can also afford to buy slightly too large glasses. Aviators and Wayfarery will be great!

Rectangular face - should avoid sharp edges, so rounded, subtle frames that will soften sharp features will work best.

Round face - in her case it is better to avoid round frames, and it is worth looking for those that slim and optically lengthen the face, e.g. square or rectangular. It is important that the glasses are not too small, because they "get lost" and emphasize the shape of the face too much.

Pay attention to the color

You should like the color of glasses and lenses first of all, but it's also good to check if it suits your complexion and hair. Pastel colors make the image softer, while dark colors strengthen the image and catch the eye.

Not too big, not too small

Make sure that the glasses do not compress you anywhere or are not too loose. Not only the nice appearance of the frames is important, but also the comfort of wearing them.

Glasses are not only to look good, but above all to protect your eyes. That is why when buying it is worth checking if the lenses are equipped with appropriate filters. It is better to buy one or two pairs of decent glasses with a high filter than a dozen without any protection.

The frames should be made of good quality material, and if they have metal elements, make sure they are not allergic.

In order for the glasses to last for years, it is worth keeping them properly. It's best to stock up on a sturdy case with a cleaning cloth.

What if I wear prescription glasses?

It's not a problem! You don't have to start two pairs at the same time. More and more companies are producing prescription glasses equipped with magnetic clips, thanks to which it is enough to put on them an overlay with sun-lenses and it's ready. You can enjoy your sunglasses. You have two pairs of glasses in one. Your nose will thank you for that.

Remember that the above points are to help you when choosing sunglasses, not to artificially limit you. It's you who ultimately decides what glasses to choose.

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