How To Find The Perfect Glasses

How to choose glasses ideal for each face format?

Buying glasses (be they dark or of degree) is not an easy task as it seems, one is deceived who thinks that it is only to arrive in the store, to like some model and to take, in the hour of the choice if it has something that must be considered is the shape of the face, knowing what is yours, it is even easier to choose glasses that fit and do not disproportionate in you.

Face Formats

There are different face shapes, the six best known as: heart, oval, square, round, rectangle and triangle. Check out the main features of each.

Heart: the length is greater than the width line, the forehead resembles the shape of a heart and descends tuning up to the pointed chin and the smallest point of the face.

Oval: The forehead and hairline are rounded in the shape of an arch, the apple on the face is slightly protruding and down to the curve of the jaw, this shape does not have a prominent angle, it resembles an egg upside down and is slightly elongated.

Square: This face shape has straight, well-defined lines at virtually every angle, the forehead is rectangular and the hairline straight, from apple to jaw is straight and with little inclination, chin may be slightly larger.

Round: The face has a circle shape and very similar to the oval face, what differentiates them is that the testo and the chin are smaller and generally the eyes are further away. The angles are poorly defined, and the jaw is more rounded.

Rectangle: The format resembles a rectangle in the vertical, the lateral lines are straight and well defined, has some similarities with the square face but the rectangular is longer

Triangle: The maximar is wide, narrow forehead, evident jaw, wide, square and out, the bottom is similar to the square face.

How to identify the face shape?

Here's an issue that almost every woman has and you should take a few steps to know how to identify your face:
1- Make a ponytail or tie your hair in a way that does not stay on your face
2- Clean face with no makeup
3- Take a face mirror and analyze your face, identifying which of the characteristics of the formats above yours own, to make it even easier, take a lipstick and draw the outline of your face.

For more tips on how to identify your face shape, click here:

Now you know the format? So come and choose the glasses frame that matches the most with it and if you are looking for cheap women's eyeglasses, you are in the right place.

Combines with: thick or thin frame glasses, the cool of this face shape is that you can diversify enough in the frames because they will match the shape, bet on those glasses that is not too big.

Combines with: oval face combines with virtually everything, hair cuts, makeup, is one of the most versatile and dealing with glasses would not be different, several frames match with that face, but the most indicated are those that are a bit wider for match the region, rectangular, square, kitten are great choices, avoid glasses that are too small.

Combines with: this face tends to be well set, round and elliptical glasses are ideal to leave the contour of the face more rounded, can be worn with frame or without, if you have a square face, avoid wearing square glasses because your face will become much more defined.

It combines with: rectangular, square and narrow glasses, they are able to tune the face a little, giving the sensation of thinner, round glasses work in a contrary way, rounding the face even more.

Combines with: larger glasses that cover most of the eye area, they decrease facial length, while wearing a small glasses, your face will appear larger.

Combines with: this face shape has a well defined lines, to give a softening, it is ideal that the glasses are oval shaped and with more delicate frames, to reduce the rigidity of the face.

These tips work for both grade glasses and women's sunglasses, when choosing your own, remember them, the glasses of the post are from the Jupitoo store and the coolest of them is that at the time of purchase you can choose from According to your taste, the lenses, frames, colors, in short, just customize in your own way and they are very cheap, you can buy the two and make a lot of money, whether at work or at the beach.
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