How to choose glasses for the heart-shaped face

How to choose glasses for the heart-shaped face?

Hello! I continue to share with you tips on choosing a frame considering the shape of the face. Today I want to make out in more detail the shape of the heart-shaped face. I will definitely write down in detail what features of this form and what you should pay attention to when choosing glasses for vision and sun protection. Who is interested to learn all the secrets, click "next".
Heart shaped face Glasses
To begin with, how does this face shape differ from others, how to understand that you treat people with a heart-shaped face.
1. The first criterion is a wide forehead and high cheekbones that turn into an elongated chin;
2. The length of the face is slightly longer than its width;
3. Pointed chin;
4. The hairline near the forehead grows in the shape of a heart.

It should balance the wide upper part with an elongated lower. Visually, this can be corrected in several ways - haircut, makeup, jewelry, and of course glasses.

When choosing a frame, oval and round shapes should be preferred. Rim Cat-Eye Glasses K9034 just meets these characteristics. A slight upward bend distracts attention from a narrow chin. It is good that the gradient is made only on the top of the glasses, respectively, it does not focus on the lower part of the face.

Sharp angles and sharp straight lines are allowed in the rims. The pointed shape of the Cat-Eye Glasses 9116 model well demonstrates that even neat metal parts can be a decoration. It is better not to choose frames with active decor, so that the glasses do not visually weigh down your face.

It is advisable to choose neutral light shades of frames. Model Square Glasses 110683 is made of transparent plastic, which is generally perfect. She will not stand out too much on her face, but she has colored arms as interesting details.

When choosing sunglasses adhere to the exact same recommendations. Feel free to try on glasses with square and rectangular glasses. But the main thing is not to forget one rule that you should not place too much emphasis on the upper part of the face!
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