How to choose glasses for a round face shape

How to choose glasses for a round face shape?

Hello! A new week and a new review in my section with tips on choosing frames, depending on the shape of your face. Today we will discuss the round face shape. It would seem what is the difference between the oval face shape?

glasses for round face

The main characteristics of a round face:

1. Soft and smooth rounded shape;
2. The distance from the forehead to the chin is almost equal to the distance between the wide cheekbones;
3. The chin practically does not stand out.

Now, by tradition, I will show a few frames as an example and analyze in detail why I recommend.

In order to achieve maximum visual harmony, a round face should be visually “pulled”. Therefore, be sure to give preference only to frames with sharp sharp corners. Plus, the dark color of the frame will also visually narrow the face. The width of the entire frame is approximately the same, so it will not look too bulky on the face.

You can forget about the round frames, they are contraindicated for you. Alternative shapes are square, rectangle and triangle. Almost the same size in width and height will visually help to stretch your face. The bright colors of the frame will also serve as a visual accent. Also, the advantage of this frame is that it is slightly narrower than the previous one and it will look a little easier. Suitable for true lovers of high frames. Those who love rimless glasses can also consider this option

And of course, the eternal classic is the metal frame. Such glasses will look on the face as light as possible. It is preferable to choose a frame even wider than your face. Also, as I wrote earlier, it is better to give preference to dark frames. Glasses with raised corners will visually stretch your face up. Also here is a link to all round face frames I hope my recommendations will be useful to you!
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