How to choose glasses for a long face shape

How to choose glasses for a long face shape?

Hello! Today we're going to talk about choosing glasses to fit a long face shape. What points should be avoided when choosing lens frame, in order to make glasses look harmonious. The Jupitoo glasses online store categories are very broad and you can easily find the frameworks you want. Now we will analyze the major differences in this facial shape.

long face shape glasses

Main features of the long face shape:

- First, it has a fairly wide, high forehead and a rounded chin;
- The shape of the nose is long and narrow oblong;
- Cheekbones may be slightly dented and elongated;
- Faces are much longer than they are wide;
- Long hairs on the forehead are usually rounded;
- The jaw, forehead and cheekbones are of equal width.

First, you should choose glasses frames that are much wider than your face. Then the glasses will be able to balance the length of your face. The best glasses frame: will help you expand on face width. The advantage of this mode is that it doesn't look boring because of the combination of contrasting colors.

Another rule, don't choose rimless glasses. The bigger and wider the frame, the better. The shape that suits you best is square glasses. In this glasses frame: , you get a very clear look at what the square glasses are in the wide frame. For example, I chose a slightly gradient color. So they remind me of vintage frames. For classic lovers.

Brightly colored frames with various patterns are ideal for elongated faces. Don't be afraid to try. The Round glasses frame also suit you, but the most important thing is to pay attention to their width. Glasses is produced in very bright colors, but due to the variations they look easy.

Here we disassemble face shape and discuss all its features. I hope each article makes it easier for you to choose frame works. Have you determined the shape of your face?
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