How to choose a frame for an oval face

How to choose a frame for an oval face?

Hi, today let's look at the oval shape of the face and which frames are suitable for it. This form of the face is considered ideal and it is considered that any form of glasses will look perfect. So let's check it out. By tradition, all models of glasses, which I cite as examples, can be purchased from the online store

What are the differences in the oval face shape:

The height of the face is 60% greater than its width;
The chin is not sharp, but slightly rounded;
The widest part of the face is the cheekbones;
The forehead is slightly narrower than the cheekbones, but not significantly;
Hairline smooth round shape.
Glasses for Oval Face Shape
It is important not to distort the proportions of the face when choosing a frame, so some recommendations should be taken into account. The first thing I advise you to pay attention not to choose too large frames, because then your face will be smaller. If you do not want to experiment with the form, you can "play" with color. At first glance, the classic oval shape looks much more interesting in dark blue and you shouldn’t be afraid of bright colors. I have a frame of exactly that color, problems in combination with wardrobe do not arise at all.

Those who want to stand out a little, but not at the expense of color, can try on a frame of the correct oval shape with an interesting nuance. The cut corners at the top of the metal glasses transform the classic frame.

The oval face shape is considered the most ideal for cat eyes glasses, aviators, and rectangular frames. If you have softer facial features, then, accordingly, you should choose frames with smooth lines. If you are the owner of more sharp features, stop your choice on more laconic frames. The glasses are just an example of an oval version of cat eyes. Even with the choice of different colors of the same frame, you can look different. So if you have found your perfect glasses, you can safely buy them in several colors and you will already look different. Have you already defined your face shape? Who of you used my recommendations? Share in the comments.
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