How to Adjust to New Prescription Glasses

How to Adjust to New Prescription Glasses?

A lot of people face problems while adjusting to new prescription glasses. If you feel your new prescription glasses are not correcting your vision just like your old glasses – don’t worry at all.

Well, you may face some vision-related issues until you completely adjust your eyes to new prescription glasses. Nonetheless, in most situations, you will have your vision improved in just a couple of days.

How to Adjust to New Prescription Glasses

Problems Getting Used to New Glasses

Unfortunately, wearing prescription glasses comes with an adjustment period. You may experience headaches, tired or sore eyes during the first few days. However, the soreness and you will disappear as your eyes muscles get used to new glasses.

You may experience distortion of your peripheral vision. This is a common occurrence, which results from the adjustment period. You may also suffer from the fishbowl effect – for instance, you will see bent images at the edges.

Your new prescription glasses can cause bad depth perception. The headaches are due to dizziness. So, your new prescription glasses can make you both nauseous and dizzy. The movement, placement of objects, and depth perception may change.

Safety While Adjusting to New Glasses

When you wear new prescription glasses, it is normal to face some problems – as mentioned above. However, you need to be very careful when you opt to drive, walk on a broken ground or stairs, operating machines or doing something that requires attention and good vision. In case your new prescription glasses have progressive lenses or bifocals, you need to wait some more time so that your eyes get adjusted to them.

How long will the Adjustment Take?

Usually, doctors tell people about the adjustment period – which is 2-3 days. However, this might not be true for everyone. Many people have an adjustment period last up to 2 weeks. So, when you don’t overcome the aforementioned problems after the normal adjustment period (2-5 days), you must consult with your eye doctor.

It is important to ask your doctor about the issue – and he or she will check your glasses or eyes. While you may adjust to your new prescription glasses in just 2-3 days, you must know that if there are any changes to progressive lenses, significant changes in prescriptions, etc. may take up to 2-week adjustment period.

How to Help Your Eyes Adjust to New Glasses

If you are diagnosed with farsightedness or shortsightedness, you may find that your new prescription glasses don’t work well with your eyes.  So, how to adjust with new prescription glasses? The best answer to this question is “Wear your new prescription glasses” and be patient. In a couple of days, your eyes will be adjusted with them.

You will have some problems in vision, may feel fishbowl effect, headaches – but we say “bear with them” for some time. After all, it takes time to adjust. Lastly, your new prescription glasses are to correct your eyes vision but then again, you have to go through the adjustment period first. That way, you will adjust to them and feel comfortable.
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