How often should you replace prescription glasses

How often should you replace prescription glasses?

Prescription glasses are not only accessories that we wear to look good but also a useful accessory to aid and correct our vision. Are you tracking on when was the last time you have changed your glasses or how long have you been using it? You definitely should! A lot of people feel that changing glasses is unnecessary since it may just add up to the expenses that they are paying monthly. But don’t you know that wearing eyeglasses that has a no longer correct prescription has a negative response in your eyesight. If you’re looking for a sign as to when should you get a pair it’s when your eyes feel more relaxed when you remove your eyeglasses. You may also feel eye strain, headache, and you squint just to see more clearly!
replace prescription glasses
Whether you’re young or old, optometrists recommend you to have your eye check up done once every year or 2 years. During the eye check up your optometrist will check for some changes in your vision and would decided whether you need a new prescription glasses or stick to the older one. Any changes especially if it got higher may suggest that a stronger prescription must be given. It’s always up in the optometrist if they’ll suggest you to get the new one or stick with the old one.

Don’t forget to always take care of your eyes. Love it because no one else will.
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