Screen Time Is Bad for Kids

How Much Screen Time Is Bad for Kids?

Everyone says that screen time is bad for kids. They say it can lead to vision issues, impaired cognitive function and other problems like that. But as you can imagine, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Just because something seems very harmful, that doesn’t mean it will always be. Yet at the same time, you do want to keep everything under control for the best results and experience. In the end it will totally be worth it and that’s what you want to keep in mind.

Is screen time bad for kids?

According to numerous parents, the Too Much Screen Time Bad for Children issue appears because they tend to stay more than 2 hours in front of screens without stopping. When that happens the eyes are under a lot of pressure. The too much screen time risks children's mental health, some would say, but that’s why you shouldn’t leave them alone to do that. The main issues that appear are irritability, headaches, shoulder and neck pain as well as the obvious eye strain. That’s why you need to avoid this as much as possible, as otherwise there will be issues.

First of all, in the process of gradually reducing the screen usage time, children can be equipped with blue-light blocking glasses, which can be found on the jupitoo website. And glasses can also be fitted with blue light lenses by prescription. The site also supports recommended glasses for face types, which protects both the glasses and the beautiful look.Sunglasses are also very needed. Children's skin is fragile. It is necessary to take protective measures when going out.

These too much screen time symptoms can be very problematic and that’s why you really have to adapt to the situation and actively figure out what you can do to handle the issue. The idea is to take good care of your child and make sure that he doesn’t sit in front of the screens for a very long time.

Can this lead to poor sleep for kids?

It might very well happen, because when you end up with too much screen time, you're More Vulnerable To Eye Strain and you are also prolonging your sleep time. Obviously it can also lead to Chronic neck and back pain, which is an issue that you really want to avoid.

Kids need to be under control with screen time especially when they are not that old. Understanding all of this and figuring out the process can be a very good idea. That’s why adapting the experience and making sure you tackle everything at the right level can indeed pay off big time. At the end of the day, too much screen time is bad for kids as their eyes are forming and they are adapting to the environment. The last thing you want is for them to deal with this kind of pressure.

Screen Time for Kids

As you can see, you should monitor the screen time for your child if possible. Making sure that your child doesn’t use screens all that much during the day is a priority. You really have to figure out how to handle this type of thing and if you do it right it will totally be worth it. That’s why helping your child and monitoring him is extremely important. It may not seem like a lot at first but it will make all the difference and that’s what you want to pursue at the end of the day!

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