glasses have shaped Today's Physiological Perception

How glasses have shaped Today's Physiological Perception

Know that old “first impressions” saying? When you see a wearer of glasses walk into a room, superficial judgments begin formulating.

“Really wearing glasses is like cosmetic surgery without the knife – it immediately changes how your character is represented and all the more

 so because they’re located at the most important part of the body in terms of non-verbal communication.

A 2013 study found that, all other things being equal, job hunters were more likely to get hired if they wore glasses to their interview.

“The connection between glasses and intellectualism is unconscious and metaphoric,” says Cary Cooper, professor of occupational psychology

at Lancaster University. That’s why blocking the eyes with sunglasses suggests mystery and cool.”

 Are they fashionable?

 Are they conservative or flamboyant?

Are they clean, or do they let grease smudge their lenses?

Whatever communication takes place is filtered through these impressions.

According to experts, glasses are the fifth most important invention since mankind discovered fire and invented the wheel.

British optician Edward Scarlett created the style of glasses held to the temple by the ears, there were a number of different eyeglass styles

One of the first styles to become popular were called Martin’s Margins, developed by Benjamin Martin.

Advances in plastics and titanium alloys made it possible to manufacture comfortably lightweight lenses and eyeglass frames in nearly every color and style imaginable.

A study conducted during the 1980s had subjects take intelligence tests, both wearing glasses and without them. It found that while wearing glasses didn’t actually

improve their scores it did make the subjects believe they had performed better.

“It’s not just a matter of how glasses shape perception of you. It’s about how wearing glasses shapes your own psychology.

 People now even wear glasses as a kind of power play, as an expression of confidence, for example, or to boost their confidence.” And with good reason.

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