Face Shape Glasses Guide

How do we choose Jupitoo glasses according to the shape of the face?

Glasses have become an accessory we can not separate from. Whether we are talking about sunglasses or eyeglasses, it is good to know that before choosing a suitable model, we need to find out what shape our girl has and what patterns best suit physiognomy. A pattern of glasses chosen wrong will make us look different and not in a pleasant way. Whether we choose to buy glasses from a specialized office or an online store like Jupitoo, we need to know exactly how we choose glasses frames.

How do we choose glasses according to the shape of the face?

How do we choose glasses according to the shape of the face

It may seem quite difficult to choose a suitable eyeglass frame. Even sunglasses frames must match the shape of the face even though we do not wear them daily. However, eyewear frames must be perfect as we wear them every day and must fit the face shape, be comfortable, but also cling to the style we usually adopt.

Eyeglass frames for oval girls

The most common form of the face is the oval one and it is also said that it is the one that allows us to choose which frame we want. However, to nicely compliment the facial tarsity, it is advisable to opt for square or rectangular glasses frames because they emphasize the shape of the cheekbones and balance the usual shape of the jaw. We can choose glasses or sunglasses of women with "cat eye" or "butterfly" frames.

How we choose glasses frames

Frames of round glasses

For this face shape it is recommended to choose frames of glasses that have sharp angles and shapes because they contrast with the shape of the face and give the impression of stretching it. This means that rectangular frames are the most suitable frames for those who have the shape of a round face.

Frames of glasses for squares

For this shape of the girl, she opts for frames that will create stretching of the face highlighting the top. So round or oval frames are the best choice.

Eyewear frames for heart-shaped girls

For this form we will choose frames of glasses that will minimize the width of the top part and emphasize the shape of the lower part. So we will choose frameless frames or narrow frames.

In principle, we will need to find out what the face of the girl is about to make the best choices. Once we have settled this, we can choose to buy even online. Jupitoo is an online store with a wide range of glasses or sunglasses frames, so we can check to choose the right frames for the face shape we have.
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