How different lights affect our health

How different lights affect our health

We live in a time in which he lives very quickly. The pace of life forces us to ignore things that affect our health, without paying attention to it. We pay attention to air pollution, we do not eat healthy, but none of us wonder how different lights affect our health? In addition to the different lights, smart devices that we have in our home, and in the workspace, have a great influence.

We are witnesses that we are children of modern technology and spend a lot of time under fluorescent light,CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs, LED light that increasingly replace classic lights in our area. Have we ever wondered how they affect our health?
compact fluorescent light
CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs it contains a mercury that we all know to be very dangerous and, once it enters the body, there is no way to get rid of it. In addition, they together with the light bulbs fall into hazardous waste that is very difficult to disintegrate and there is no safe place for its disposal. With this, if we put them in the ground, we risk one day being contaminated foods that we eat. Although more and more ordinary bulbs are replacing ice lights, we must be aware of the risks they carry.

When we talk about fluorescent light, it is very dangerous to sleep under it, because it very much affects our dreams, and therefore our health. It has a great influence on our mental health and sleeping under it does not allow us to organize enough rest, due to What makes us nervous and irritable. Sleeping in the dark is much healthier and safer than we do than sleeping under fluorescent light.

Also, as modern technology progresses more and more every day, so we keep up with it. In our homes there are increasingly Flat screen LED televisions, computer monitors, as well as smart phones and tablets screens.

We are witnessing that we spend a lot of time every day for these devices and digital eyestrain, but we are also witnessing that after a while they are beginning to bother our fathers.

In addition, some of us have the job to spend their entire hours on some of these devices.

Have you ever wondered why you have severe and frequent headaches? Jake and road headaches cause a blue light eye damage that is also on screens of computers, tablets and phones. However, blue light is increasingly used in smartphones and greatly affects our eyes.
Blue light leads to damage to the eye
Blue light leads to damage to the eye. Blue light leads to damage to the eye or damage to the eye damage from a bright light.Blue light leads to damage to the eye or damage to the eye damage from a bright light.

The sharpening of the eyes from the bright light is manifested in the form of severe headaches, dry eyes and watery eyes. Dry and watery eyes present a very big problem. If you have itchy, watery eyes then there has been an enlargement of the tear ducts that causes severe pain, the eyes are sensitive to light, and you have the feeling that you need a wrist to erase your eyes at any time, while the dry eyes have sips that your eyes are ignited and this cause eye strain and blurred vision and dim lighting. In both cases, a doctor's visit is mandatory and requires treatment.

Many of us do not go to the doctor on time, that is, as soon as you notice the first sips, and sometimes it's too late for treatment. We are convinced that due to our care and concern we have problems through our lives.

In order not to come to that, it's important to protect our eyes in the right way. As a result, we have to take steps to protect our eyes. First, we need to avoid eyestrain when we use computers, phones and tablets. To avoid eye strain, it is important to use glasses.
computer glasses
And that's not some kind of glasses of computer glasses. These glasses have anti-reflective lenses that refuse harmful rays. In addition, it protects our eyes from dampening and therefore we can spend a lot of time on the computer.

This is especially important for people who have the job to spend their full time on the computer. For this reason it is very important that we use computer glasses, because wearing these glasses, we will protect our health, and above all our eyes. On the Jupitoo site you have a large selection of computer glasses that you can order and protect your eyes, and thus extend your stay for the computer.

In addition to computer glasses, our eyes can be protected even if we wear UV-blocking sunglasses . In this case, it is important to choose glasses that completely block these unwanted rays and thus prevent harmful UV rays to reach our eyes. These glasses are very important for wearing when we spend a lot of time in the sun, because with their help we will protect our eyes from harmful invasions. It is very important to protect your eyes in the right way, because all of these negative effects greatly affect them and can lead to permanent damage to the eyes.

We are not even aware that modern technology, different lights and bulbs affect our health, and that is unfavorable.

Therefore, if we want to protect our health, we need to use smart devices that we come across in the right way and have glasses that will best protect our eyes.
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