History of Aviator Glasses

Aviator glasses are also known as pilot glasses. Bausch and Lomb originally developed these glasses in 1936 for pilots. The purpose was to protect the pilot’s eyes while flying. This is why these glasses were names “aviator.” Since then, aviator glasses are considered the most popular and stylish sunglasses.

When it comes to its military usage, aviator glasses replaced the flight goggles that were used previously. The reason these glasses were adopted by the military or pilots was that they were thinner, lighter, and more elegant in their designs.

These glasses became more popular when General Douglas MacArthur wore them for the first time while he landed on a beach in the pacific in World War 2. This is a photograph of General Douglas MacArthur wearing the aviator glasses in the newspaper for weeks during the war.

Douglas MacArthur wearing the aviator glasses Thus, these sunglasses became the symbol of fashion in the Second World War. Bausch and Lomb – in 1987 – dedicated a line aviator sunglasses to General Douglas MacArthur.

Military aviator sunglasses

Developed as an alternative to the traditional goggles worn by military personnel and pilots in the early 20th century, military aviator sunglasses became a perfect solution for the protection of the pilot’s eyes. Military sunglasses performed well in terms of technicalities and protection of eyes against environmental pollutants.

Today, these glasses are largely adopted by the general public too because they help to avoid headaches, migraines, and fight decreased visibility, which is usually caused by the blinding glare.

Aviator sunglasses ray ban

In the year 1937, Bausch and Lomb – an American Company – established the first Ray-Ban brand for aviator sunglasses. For over 7 decades, these glasses are continuously holding the top position as a successful fashion brand. Ray-Ban brand glasses such as aviators are making this company a world leader.

Aviator sunglasses women

Due to the popularity of aviator sunglasses, different companies started manufacturing aviator sunglasses for women. These glasses were popular among the fashion icons of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The trend of aviator sunglasses for women has come back in recent years with many women want to look beautiful in this amazingly classic style.

Today, the best aviator sunglasses for women are Ray-Ban 3025, which are metal non-mirrored sunglasses and are non-polarized. Ray-Ban RB 3025 is also a great aviator metal sunglasses for women.

Aviator sunglasses men

Aviator sunglasses are famous for their badass style. For instance, you would have seen these glasses in some of the popular movies like Drive, Top Gun, and Sky Fall. In Top Gun – for instance – Tom Cruise has worn aviators, which gave him a mega boost in terms of appearance and great facial looks.

Some of the best aviator sunglasses for men are Warby Parker Barrow Aviator Sunglasses, Prive Revaux the G.O.A.T. Aviator Sunglasses, Ray-Ban Folding Aviator Sunglasses, arrera 56mm Aviator Sunglasses, ASOS Design Silver Aviator Sunglasses, and Quay Australia High-Key Aviator Sunglasses.

Jupitoo aviator glasses are high-quality military-style aviator sunglasses that are available in a wide range of frames and colors. Jupitoo aviator glasses will give you a badass look for sure. You will look handsomely heroic wearing these glasses.

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