Find the perfect glasses at Jupitoo

Find the perfect glasses at Jupitoo

Hello, everyone!!

The glasses are one of the most used accessories in work or study but in our look every day. That is, it is far from "tacky". And those who don't have to wear glasses will want to have one to make that intellectual charm we love.

The round glasses are darling, but the aviator style and the kitty ones are not behind either. And you know what is better? If you haven't found the perfect eyeglasses model yet, check out the store with a variety of super stylish and fashionista eyewear models.

The aviator model or oversized in prescription glasses version! What about?! Loves, you know, if you don't find the perfect frame, it's worth buying the dark version, and take it to the optics to change the lens.

I'm in love with the model with a vintage face, they are round and rock both in the dark and gray versions.

Today, men and women can look stylish wearing the same trendy sunglasses as celebrities' favorite. Of course, not everyone can use the same design and color frame that others use. It is recommended to choose the shape, color, and size to suit the shape of the individual's face to look the best when choosing our glasses.

In the store, you can measure pupillary distance which refers to the distance between pupil centers in two eyes and is expressed in millimeters (mm). . Measurement is used to locate the focal point of the lens to ensure accurate vision. And data is also required for creating user-defined controlled glasses. In general, the SD for most adults ranges from 55 to 75mm and for children, it ranges from 42 to 54mm.
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