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Designer Eyeglasses Retailer - Jupitoo

The days when people would be ashamed to wear glasses are gone. Why is that? Well glasses are no longer a reason to get bullied. At least not if they are chosen right. Today, glasses are used as a fashion statement, some people purchasing and wearing glasses even though they do not need it. Glasses are classy, they are fashionable, the frame the face better and can make you stand out.

However, when wearing glasses is a necessity, not just a fashion choice, it is normal to become nervous when picking up the right eyeglasses frame. That is because, like it or not, your entire appearance is changed by this addition. People will remember and will refer to you as “that person who wears eyeglasses” and you do not want this phrase to become “that person with the ugly/weird glasses”. Fortunately, there are plenty of designer eyeglasses online from which you could choose. Choosing a designer eyeglasses frame will make you shine in the crowd, not blend with it

If you want to look your best and be in style with a pair of glasses, it is a good idea to follow the trends. Below we will discuss the best eyeglasses you could find online this year.

Best glasses online 2019 - For women

Transparent frame

Women's designer glasses take an interesting approach this year. We see a lot of odd shapes and colors. You probably wouldn't have thought so, but a transparent frame for your eyewear can actually make you stand out. This frame is subtle, but is sure to receive many compliments. If you choose this kind of eyeglasses, get ready to receive questions about where you got them from.

It is no surprise that the white transparent plastic caught the attention of eyewear designers this year. The transparent fabric trend had been everywhere in the last few years, from clothes to footwear and accessories. Plus, it is transparent plastic that will literally go well with anything you would choose to wear.

Of course, you can choose tinted transparent plastic for your frame. Go for gray, brown or beige if you want a safe approach. If you are a bold person though, you could totally rock other colors too.

Designer Eyeglasses

Dusted pink eyeglasses frame

Simple, feminine, young, soft and joyful. These are just a few adjectives that will perfectly describe this eyeglasses frame. Here we have a delicate color, transparent and dull, that works wonders on any women face. The warm color makes your face more attractive, which will lead people to approach you more often, to compliment you and to smile at you more.

If you are a person that is looking for something a little bit bolder, you could totally rock this delicate style to. How? Just choose a piece of luxury eyewear that has a different color on the arms. This will create a contrast that will become a fashion statement in your case.

Bold leopard print eyeglasses

Are you a feline inside? Maybe is time to let your inner cat shine through and buy a new pair of leopard print designers eyeglasses. This print is very trendy this year and is very wearable too. Plus, not everyone can rock a leopard print frame, so if you can, you must have a great sense of style.

If you want to make a great impression, you must go big. Pick a pair of eyeglasses with an oversized frame, cat eye shape and leo print. If you wear them with the right attitude, you are sure to obtain anyone’s admiration.

Best glasses online 2019 - For men

Aviator frame

Here is an oldie but goldie, that seems to never go out of style for the masculine public. Wear a pair of aviator glasses and you will be an instant heartbreaker. Aviators glasses are often associated with strong jobs that include a level of authority like a policeman or an aviator, of course. Wearing this type of eyewear will make you more attractive. If you are into fashion as well, you can choose a pair that has colorful frames

The P3 shape

P3 shape eyeglasses are a type of round, oversized glasses that is often associated with what scientist would wear in the past century. If the message you want others to get is that you are a smart sophisticated man, then this is the perfect pair of glasses for you.

You need to be careful with P3 shaped eyewear however, because they do not match any face. The top frame should not cover your whole eyebrows and the bottom frame must not touch your cheeks.

Wood frame Eyeglasses

If you are a real hipster, then this is your go to eyeglasses frame. With the sustainability awareness trend so popular, it was just a matter of time for designers to conceive eyeglass frames out of wood. Now this is a type of frame you really do not see that often, and we must admit that they look quite fashionable.

There is a trend of natural textures, no-plastic movement ant zero-waste trend, in every domain, not just in fashion. This a trend that we totally encourage as it is healthy for both people and the Earth. Plus, what says “I care for the environment” better that a wood frame for your glasses. You will send a message every single time people will look at you, and this time it is a positive and altruistic message. This are the best designer eyeglasses for men this year.

Quick tips for choosing the right eyeglasses shape

Fortunately we people are so diverse and this variety is something we should celebrate. Because we have different face shapes, not all eyeglass frames will sit well on any type of face. Once you have determined what is your face shape, here is what you should know

Round face

Rectangular eyeglass frames with prominent angles. Make sure the bottom line of the frame sits right on top of your cheeks

Squared face

Round eyeglass frames with narrow edges. Make sure the width of the frame is slightly bigger than the width between your cheeks.

Triangle face

Frames that have the top portion wider. Make sure the frame width is slightly bigger than your jaw width. Go for cat eye frames.

Heart Shaped face

Wayfarer eyeglasses with bottom line more prominent. Make sure the width of the frame is slightly bigger than your forehead.

Oval face

Oversized eyeglass frames with a bold shape according to your style. Feel free to play with textures and colors.

What is the best place to buy eyeglasses online?

An obvious question with an obvious response. At you will find the best designer eyeglasses online, for both men and women. We make sure every order reaches every customer safe, and our mission is to help you stay fashionable even if you have to wear glasses. We offer great designer glasses at the best price on the market. We know what you need, and we have what you want. We have a 10 years experience in the field, and we have hundreds of frames from which you can choose. Plus, we ship worldwide, and yes, you can purchase our glasses with or without a prescription.

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