Best Glasses for Migraine Sufferers

Best Glasses for Migraine Sufferers

There are many causes and symptoms of migraines. Among them, the most common symptoms are hypersensitivity to light and photophobia. In some people, sunlight, changes in the levels of light, or bright lights can cause discomfort of migraine.

We all know that there exists medical treatment for migraine but when it comes to avoiding discomfort for people with hypersensitivity or photophobia, it is important to wear sunglasses or glasses with a tint to the lenses.
Glasses for Migraine
In this article, we will tell you about the best glasses for migraine sufferers. Read on!

1. Cocoons

Cocoons offer state-of-the-art glasses, which protect your eyes against indoor light. You can also wear Cocoons sunglasses in full sun. They are available in a wide range of styles and shapes. Most people wear these glasses with colored lenses for fluorescent lights and computer work. Cocoons offer glasses that can completely wrap around your eyes. Wear them for a couple of minutes, the lens’ color will disappear and everything will normal again.

2. Ray-Ban

The second one on our list of best glasses for migraine suffers is “Ray-Ban.” These glasses are best known for their stylishness and trendier elegance. When it comes to choosing Ray-Ban glasses for sunlight protection, you must choose gray or dark green lenses.

In addition, you must get polarized lenses in order to protect your eyes from glare. For people with migraine, we recommend buying Ray-Ban glasses that come with plastic lenses. Avoid glass lenses because the heavyweight can make your migraine worse.

3. Lutina

Tokai Optical developed Lutina lenses to cut out higher energy violet light. This type of light usually causes damage to the lutein – which is carotenoid the function of which is to prevent light-induced damage to the macula and retina. So, if you want to block out certain colors and glare with high wavelength, it is important that you get polarized glasses with Lutina lenses.

4. Fielmann

One of the best brands of German origin, Fielmann’s objective is to offer their customers with fashionable, reliable, and affordable frames. Today, there are many outlets in Europe, America, and Asia that sells glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.

Migraines are usually triggered by bright lights. Fielmann offers high-quality sunglasses that are beneficial for stopping intense or artificial light. Most of the models are suitable for wearing even indoors and during the winter season.

5. Maui Jim

Created in Hawaii, Maui Jim glasses feature unique polarized lenses. Not only does it offer a wide range of lens material but also these lenses are scratch-resistant and lightweight. Maui Jim glasses have advanced polarization, anti-glare, blue light reflective, anti-reflective, and 100% UV protection. Moreover, it has a larger wrap around your eyes, which does not allow the light to get in.

6. Native Eyewear

Native Eyewear is another glasses company that offer sunglasses with lenses in a wide variety of colors. Not only do these glasses have advanced polarization, but they also have anti-blue light technology. The advanced polarization and wearing luxury give you reliability and comfort. You can also use them indoor – while watching TV – and outdoors, for instance, driving at night.
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