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About eyeglass frames and the idea of groping with glasses

About four to five months ago, I was dead to visit an ophthalmologist. I admit I had not been in control for a few years, and I was a little afraid of what I heard from the doctor's mouth. In fact, I came to a doctor because we were very loud when the sun was very strong when the wind was blowing, and sometimes even when we were wearing UV-protected sunglasses. I want to tell you the feelings that have passed and what was the result. I have not talked about this topic except the story and I think the article will be helpful to many and that's why I decided to talk to you.
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I admit I turned to you to find a good doctor. We received some advice and surprise ... all were busy until the saint was waiting. I did not have any more patience so I found a doctor and I was scheduled at the private office. Scheduling was a week after my phone. When I got to the cabinet .... the waiting room was full and I went to the enthusiastic reception that I had scheduled at 13.45. "Everyone is waiting for the doctor, so please take a seat and wait." I was taking the little girl with me. I said I'd also do a routine check.

The first patient arrived at the house with the papers received from the doctor. Now was the time when she could choose not to know what lenses and frames. I was surprised by a lady's statement at the reception, "with these lenses you have stability when you lower the stairs," "these lenses do not know what excellent filters can help you in your affection." At an estimate, it was somewhere between 900-1000 USD. The rams think they were around 300 USD, but it seemed very loud to me.

I knew that a consul was 150 USD and I was already screaming. I mean, how much would such a consultation get me. Not to mention the probability that I should have needed the frames and the lenses that I was getting too much. I sent my child home and said I would refuse the proposals of the various lenses, as on frames I had seen something on Jupitoo and were relatively affordable as well.

I can not tell you why there were so many people in the hall because I walked in after an hour and a little wait. I told the doctors that I do not wear glasses and my problem with the tear. There were about 4 machines in my office and about 3 patients. There were also 2-3 nurses there. The Doctor spoke with me, and with the help of the impression that my answers did not even reach her ears. In the end he put me in a device that was rotating in front of me and I was looking at a fixed point.

He wondered if I was staying at the computer. I honestly say I was afraid to say that YES. I was already seeing the old lady's desk at the reception that made me kind of suggestions and that I should have gotten some hundreds of good money from my pocket. I admit that I said I was not overstretched so he continued his job. The RESULT was surprising. He gave me 2 drops of tubes. One of them was an antibiotic, and the other one was suppressing my eye and using it and recovering it whenever I wanted. He did not find any other problem with me.

I was in ecstasy. I almost hoped for joy when I left the building. I could swear I was making some glasses of glasses that would make me look more mature, smarter, and more foolish. I paid only the 150 USD and I was happy.

As an idea, I finished computer science in high school and so I got in touch with this computer age. I spend at least 5 hours a day on the computer and I was even surprised to see that everything is fine. I'm serious about being a little more responsible and taking a pair of computer glasses. This way I will be more comfortable doing the right thing and I hope I have no other problems in the future.

As far as my sensitivity to strong light is concerned, the doctor told me that I can use sunglasses whenever there is a problem or feel discomfort. I decided to use only polarized sunglasses. Polaroid is the brand to which I called because we found many beautiful models at affordable prices. Great attention to Ray Ban because the vast majority of models under 500 USD are not polarized. Polarized people have a price too much and it seems to me that they are better and more affordable alternatives.

When did you last visit to the ophthalmologist? Do you have any advice for me regarding choosing computer glasses? Can I buy my eyewear frames online and go with them to a cabinet to buy the lenses?
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