5 Men’s Eyewear Styles That Never Go out Of Fashion

5 Men’s Eyewear Styles That Never Go out Of Fashion

Glasses can really make you a gentleman. This fashion glasses accessory has enhanced the looks of celebrities for years. People – today – are adopting the fashion trends of the early and middle twentieth century. The late 20th century is not regarded as a popular era for eyewear.
5 Men’s Eyewear Styles That Never Go out Of Fashion
However, when we talk about the iconic frames of the 60s and 70s, there is no parallel. Amazing, isn’t it? Do you want to know about those styles in the year 2019? Without further ado, let us tell you about 5 men’s eyewear styles that never go out of fashion.

1. Rectangular Glasses

Do you love classic glasses designs? Well, Rectangular frames look very decent and give you a professional and classic look. This is why we have put it on top of our list. These frames work well with any type of formal attire. They give you an elegant appearance. You can wear both rectangular eyeglasses and sunglasses  – giving an aesthetically beautiful look.

2. Browline or Clubmaster Glasses

Oval and round frames with a durable browline are one of the best options for men. Not only do they give you an elegant look but they also balance your facial traits. So much so, these glasses give your face a softer look. Clubmaster sunglasses have thicker upper frame and/or appear a bit bolder than the bottom part of the frame. The famous retro browline frames have made a resurgence recently – they are featured in the hipster subculture and TV series “Mad Men.”

3. Aviator Glasses

Aviator glasses originally developed for pilots. They are an alternative to fur-line goggles, which were used to wear by pilots in the early twentieth century. So, these glasses became a sophisticated solution to protect the eyes of the pilot against different elements and at the same time helped them to avoid headaches. Aviators look good on everyone. They work with most face shapes. These glasses are ideal for people with heart-shaped, square, and oval faces. Likewise, it doesn’t take much effort to wear a pair of beautiful aviator sunglasses.

4. Tortoiseshell Glasses

These glasses are also known as “horn-rimmed glasses”. These frames mimic the look of turtles and have a speckled look. In addition, the distinctive pattern has brown and yellow shell spots that look very similar to turtles. It is recommended to avoid “tiger patterns” because these are low-end varieties. Today, horn-rimmed glasses are popular among men who want to adopt a classic look. Not only do these glasses look perfect with casual wear but also with attires for social and business events.

5. Round Glasses

Due to the curved nature, these glasses look best on people with sharp or angular features. Round frames have a circular shape that helps balance any prominent jawlines and sharp facial angles. Thus, these glasses are ideal for heart-shaped, triangular, and square-shaped faces. Experts suggest not to pick flashy colors. Moreover, these Round glasses look best with both formal wear and casual wear.

All these glasses are perfect for men who want to look like classic gentlemen. It is important that you choose the one that best fits your needs and/or that looks good on your face. Good Luck!
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