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5 essential items a woman should have in her purse

Ever wondered what is a woman carrying in her purse? What makes it so heavy and why are those items that important? Well, today we will reveal a few secrets about the contains of the bag, but remember just one essential thing: never look or touch a woman's bag or you might fall into it! Nah, I am just joking but it is indeed a bit unconfortable for a woman to have a man looking or doing searches in her bag as some of the items she might have might be a bit personal. Today thought we will just talk about those items that are there and make a woman's life better like cheap sunglasses, make-up and gadgets that make our journeys better!

1. Pochet mirror/make-up pallete

No woman in her reason would leave her house without at least one pochet mirror! Myself personaly have three (two pocket mirros, one with LED light and two with mattifying powders incorporated!) mirrors in my bag, and my colleagues have more than one as well! Mirrors are essential! From applying make-up on the bus, retouch or just a quick look to see if everything is right on place, the mirror is one thing that is permanently present to help us. Make-up palettes are not a must have but do help a lot if you are working more that eight hours a day and need to refresh your make-up or adjust your women's glasses for women.

2. Band-aids & silicone pads for shoes

Staying up on high hels/safety boots all day is excruciating! Band-aids might seem too small but they do help a lot! They form a barier when there is a fresh wound caused by shoes, while the silicone pads ease the movements and soften the grip. Gel pads are my favourite as they are flexible and affordable! You can buy them from superdrug!

3. Designer sunglasses

Designer sunglasses

From top brands sunglasses to cheap ones, there is not enough space in a woman's bag for the various designs she could fit and need! During summer time a pair of fancy sunglasses are more than essential but if you need both cheap prescription glasses and sunglasses then you might as well opt for those 2in1 pairs that come either with magnetic attached lenses or ones that have all the protective films you need to make it through the day without squinting your eyes too much while driving or working on your computer! Do not forget that a hard case will protect your glasses from scratches!

4. Body-mists and deodorants

Having one of these two items in your bag is really important! Taking care of your make-up is simply not enought! You have to make sure that you apply regulary a layer of deodorant with odour control and maybe a body-mist/fragrance once in a while to refresh yourself! Summer time can be a pain, so make sure you take a shower and use fresh fragrances that gently perfume your body and do not cause too much suffering to the ones close to you! Do not use heavy perfumes unless it is really necessary!

5. Phone charger

Everyone hates running low on battery in the middle of a call or conference call! Having a chargeable case or a battery is essential if you need to be connected with your online accounts 24 hours a day!  No more wires dangling from your bag! Do not forget that once in a while you will need to turn-off your phone and leave it on charge and also make sure you have a good quality products or else your gadgets might suffer!
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