How to Safely Clean Glasses

4 steps to clean eyeglasses and 6 things not to do

It may cost you a lot of time and money before coming across with an ideal prescription glasses or sunglasses, but this guidance(7 Useful Tips To Help You Choose the Right Eyeglass Frames) can help to find a suitable pair of glasses quickly and accurately. Proper cleaning and maintenance can prolong the service life of your eyeglasses and save you much time and money. We have prepared 4 useful TIPs to make your glasses frame and lenses as clean as new.

How to clean glasses frames

The best way of cleaning the glasses frame is to wash the frame with warm water containing a drop of pH neutral cleaner and then wipe off the dirt and grease with a soft cloth. A banister brush can be adopted to clean the dirt and grease on nose pads and hinges. You can also use an old toothbrush, but make sure it has soft hair.

How to safely clean the glasses lens

wash your hands before clean glasses

1. First, please wash your hands to get rid of any dirt or grease.
2. Put a small drop of pH neutral cleaner on your finger tip and gently wipe it onto lenses and nose pads.
3. Wash with warm water and wipe off moisture with a microfiber cloth.
4. Check the glasses frame and repeat above steps until lenses are clean enough.

The above method is more suitable for home scenarios. You can also clean with lens wipes or cleaning sprays in the outdoors and wipe gently with a microfiber cloth. Then wipe off moisture with a dry microfiber cloth. You can find the best eyeglass cleaner designed for coated lens HERE.

Common mistakes during eyeglasses cleaning

Cleaning glasses sweater

1. Do not wipe with your shirt or other clothes. Dust and debris on the fabric can scratch your glasses.
2. Do not wipe with tissues. These materials are too coarse to wipe the lens and may cause tiny scratches.
3. Do not use hot water, since it will damage the lens coating. If you do not know what lens coating is, please check HERE: Lens coatings: UV, scratch resistant, anti-reflective, Photochromic
4. Do not use household cleaning products or clean glasses with vinegar. The amino chemicals or acid inside can damage the protective coating of lens or even corrode the frame of metal eyeglasses.
5. Do not put your glasses on the dresser. Beauty products may contain chemicals that can damage the protective coating of your lens.
6. Wash your eyeglass cloth regularly since it can collect dirt and grease. Please clean glasses cloth after using for two to three times.
Fix Scratched Glasses
How to clear off tiny scratches on the lens? You can try to clear off these scratches with a cotton or soft wool cloth and a little of non-abrasive toothpaste. Then wipe gently in circles to clear off these tiny scratches on the lens.
Best Glasses Cases
Please store your glasses in a hard case when they are not in use. This can avoid the deposition of dust and debris on the lens and prevent from scratches or bending.

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